I'll start to blog about my favorite artists once a week.

The first fetured artist is NaLa from "Jewelry By NaLa".
She is one of amazing handmade jewelry artist. Her work is creative and unique.

Here are my favorites item from her Etsy shop.

 My Heart is Blue Pendant Necklace

You wear this in heavy rotation!;)

I love this!

Crimson Red Summer Flower Earrings

So beautiful!
Great for the spring-summer season!

You can find more at: Jewelry by NaLa
Her blog is:  http://jewelrybynala.blogspot.com/

I met her on Handmade Artist Forum and people there are very friendly and very active!(*^^*)


Larissa さんのコメント...

Great post, and she really is a great artist! (And by the way, I love Google Translator - it helped me figure out where to comment since your blog defaults are in Japanese!)

MakinTheBestOfIt さんのコメント...

Great post about a wonderful artist! Welcome to HAF!

Kazumi さんのコメント...

Thanks for your comments!

Larissa, sorry my blog defaults are in Japanese..(>_<)
Thank you Google Translator!

jewelry by NaLa さんのコメント...

This was a lovely article! ありがとう ;)

DreamBubbles さんのコメント...

Oh how cool, I hadn't been privy to reading a blog with another language as the primary.

Great article about the talented NaLa and welcome to the blog ring :)

Kazumi さんのコメント...

My pleasure, NaLa!:D

Thanks DreamBubbles for the nice comment and the welcome.:)

Handmade Artists' Forum さんのコメント...

Love nala's work great post and welcome to the forum!

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