This week's featured artist is Stacy from Twiddletoes!
She is a Tabi maker in Atlanta, Georgia.
I'm impressed when I saw her shop. All Tabi are hand knitted!

Here are some of my favorites from Tweddletoes' shop on Etsy.

Vegan Tabi Socks - Sea Shades - S-M

It looks very comfortable..
These are for all seasons!


Simple Luxury Alpaca Socks - Medium

100% superfine alpaca!
How about sending them for father's day?:)

Gray and Violet Tabi - Small
I love this color combination, too.

Tabi is traditional socks in Japan.
Recently there are casual Tabi sold in clothing stores.
My husband wears and loves them.
(He is from America.)
He calls Tabi "Ninja socks"! I love that name.:)

You can find more hand knitted and luxury socks on Etsy and 1000Markets.
 Also check out her blog.


jewelry by NaLa さんのコメント...

Twiddletoes' socks look so luxurious and warm. Very nice post!

Larissa さんのコメント...

"Ninja socks," that's so cool!

iKnitQuiltSew さんのコメント...

Love your choices! They all look so luxurious!

Haffina さんのコメント...

Great post!

Joan さんのコメント...

Love the Tabi toes!

DreamAgainJewelry さんのコメント...

I love those socks. Gotta try a pair. Great Post!

DreamBubbles さんのコメント...

Ninja socks! Love it! I can think of a few "ninjas" that I know who might be enticed to wear these...

Handmade Artists' Forum さんのコメント...

Love the blue strips!

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